Xiaojun Huang is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer from China, received her BFA in Book Arts from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and completed her MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Arts.

Huang's practice is focused on human-centered, playful, and eye-catching artwork, specializing in experimental typography and branding with the mixing cultures she experiences living in the East and the West.  

Huang previously worked as an adjunct faculty in the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, focusing on motion graphics. Huang is now an assistant professor in the Graphic Design program, and a gallery director at Bing-Davis Memorial Gallery at Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa.

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Recognition Highlights

In 2021, Huang was selected to participate in the AIGA Command X live competition and was in the nation's top 7 semi-final selection.

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