Xiaojun Huang is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer from China, received her BFA in Book Arts from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and completed her MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Arts.

With teaching experience at Creative Studies and Upper Iowa University, Huang's creative vision extends beyond academia. She served as the gallery director at Bing-Davis Memorial Gallery, curating exhibitions that push the boundaries of contemporary design and showcase emerging artists.

Currently an Assistant Professor at Bowling Green State University, Huang shapes the next generation of designers through innovative teaching methods and research initiatives. Her design practice explores the blending of Eastern and Western cultures, reflected in her typographic graphics and imagery installations that offer unique perspectives and bridge gaps between diverse audiences.

Huang's research focuses on visual communication and emotional expressions, examining the challenges of work-life balance in modern society. Her work serves as a poignant reflection of the universal experiences faced by the younger generation worldwide.

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Recognition Highlights

In 2021, Huang was selected to participate in the AIGA Command X live competition and was in the nation's top 7 semi-final selection.

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