Brand design is one of my typical design practices as being a graphic designer. I usually use the design language is bold and colorful to cooperate with the whole visual system.

Why I am obsessed with using bright colors a lot because most of the branding projects I made so far are related to the graduate show. One is the Cranbrook, and the other one is LSU. The shows are mainly catching people's attention and come to see the artworks. With I know the enthusiasm of the students is definitely compelling, it is compelling enough to shine the public.

The other brand project <113'E 23'N> is my senior year piece back to 2016, I do color research on the city I lived in and show the color observation of Guangzhou city. The entire project includes video design and magazine design. I interviewed 9 of my peers are born in the 90s. All of them lived in Guangzhou at that time. What they talked about their particular story is very impressive, so that is the main content of the project. They picked the only one color to express their vision of Guangzhou. The color itself doesn't have any personal or regional meaning, but when people fill their emotions into a specific color, it will join people together.

All works credit to Xiaojun Huang.